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Dr. LaShunda Leslie-Smith

Nonprofit Leader |  Visionary | Speaker | Author | Minister

Dr. LaShunda Leslie-Smith, DSW, LMSW​​

From a

Mother at age 14 to a CEO by age 34…

From a mother at age 14 to a CEO by age 34, LaShunda is no stranger to adversity and hard work. When she was a little girl, she dreamed of becoming a pediatrician or entrepreneur. Instead, when LaShunda was little more than a baby herself, she gave birth to her first child, a son. At that point, LaShunda could have become nothing more than a statistic. However, LaShunda is a dreamer and a doer. She became the first in her family to graduate college and earn a master’s degree and a doctorate at the University of Southern California.


Meet the Speaker

LaShunda began

speaking professionally in the 4th grade!

She discovered her voice early in life and never stopped using it. To her elementary school teachers, this was both a blessing and a curse.


Pressure is a Privilege 

TEDx Rochester


Becoming a mother at the age of 14 was never the plan. But LaShunda Leslie-Smith did, and in her talk, she challenges us to radically reconsider the seemingly unfortunate, unplanned, or otherwise high-stress elements in our lives. Through telling her own very personal story, she invites us into her journey and inspires reframing our own most challenging days.


LaShunda Leslie-Smith, LMSW, has a wealth of formal and informal learning and experiences behind her that she applies to help raise up those around her.

Meet the Conference Host

Bringing Women Together to Discover Their Passion is What I Was Born To Do

The events and conferences developed by LaShunda and her team are designed to target women who want to grow spiritually, mentally, and professionally. Our workshops equip women with concrete strategies to reach their next level. We focus on the WHOLE WOMAN and every aspect of her life.

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Meet the Author

The Journey of a Teenage Mother 

LaShunda is the lead author of the book The Journey of a Teenage Mother. In the book, thirteen former teenage mothers explore their past fears and current triumphs in hopes of inspiring and empowering all people across the globe. This book is filled with stories that transcend racial lines, and it appeals to a mass-market audience, cutting across age, gender, and socio-economic lines.



Scholar, Servant Leader, Social Entrepreneur, and Minister of the Gospel



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