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Meet the Speaker

LaShunda discovered her voice early in life and never stopped using it. This was a blessing and a curse to her elementary school teachers. Her 4th-grade teacher, Mr. Baxter, knew he needed to help LaShunda use her gift of gab positively, so he recommended her for a local oratorical contest. LaShunda worked with Mrs. Uter, a reading teacher at her school, to fine-tune her written speech and speaking techniques. Through this process, LaShunda learned how to command an audience's attention. She won that oratorical contest. Her winnings included a $100 savings bond and a trip to Washington, DC. After speaking in Washington, DC, she was invited back to MC, the oratorical contest for students her age. LaShunda continued to compete in oratorical contests through middle school. This experience served as the springboard for a lifelong career as a professional speaker.

Since that time, LaShunda has graced many stages and inspired many audiences. From being a high school graduation commencement speaker to delivering a powerful TEDx talk, LaShunda has spoken in front of hundreds of audiences, and she continues to leave people wanting more. LaShunda covers various topics during talks and keynotes for various groups, including women’s groups, youth, married couples, colleges, churches, nonprofit boards, nonprofit organizations, fundraising groups, etc.

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